For a Limited Time Get The Story Of Cleator Book for FREE

For a Limited Time Get The Story Of Cleator Book for FREE

Discover the inspiring story of Joe, Jason, and their partners, who saw beyond the decay of Cleator, Arizona, and envisioned a thriving future. This book is more than just their journey; it’s a compilation of insights on harnessing opportunities, overcoming procrastination, and finding hidden gems in the least expected places.
Each page is filled with wisdom and practical advice, making it an essential guide for entrepreneurs and dreamers alike. Learn how to balance your professional ambitions with personal fulfillment, and how to turn even the most unconventional ideas into successful ventures.

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What's Cleator All About?

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About Joe

Joe Polish has been called the “world’s best connector”- and for good reason. The once ponytailed, dead-broke, drug addicted carpet cleaner became a millionaire by the age of 30 and then went on to establish the world’s two highest-level marketing groups (Genius Network® and 100K Group®).
So how does an “average Joe” from Arizona come to advise everyone from Arianna Huffington to Paula Abdul? How does he grow close to Richard Branson, host Tony Robbins at his events and help people like Peter Diamandis launch books to bestseller status? The philosophy behind such successes can be found in his ebook “What’s Your Cleator? A Story of Big Ideas.” Learn a perspective that will shake you out of your small thinking and into a bigger way of being. Whether it’s a big step, a big change, or a moonshot, answering the question “What’s Your Cleator?” Will transform your business and your life.

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